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A number of membership options are available at the UWA Volleyball Club for the 2018 season. 

Membership cost for Indoor include:

  • 1 training session per week for the indoor West Australian Volleyball League (WAVL) season
  • Game fees/nomination fees for WAVL
  • UWAVC Social Club Membership
  • Member prices for events and goods

*Please note - if you are only playing part of the season, you may not be required to pay a full membership. Payment plans may also be available upon discussion with the club treasurer and president. Please contact James Taylor ( or Manu Nair ( for payment enquiries. 

The following membership options are available for Indoor 2018 season:

  • Adult/Community Membership - $400 (-$30 for PVL).
  • UWA Alumni/Student (Non-UWA) Membership - $380 (-$30 for PVL).
  • UWA Student / Junior (18 years and under) - $350 (-$30 for PVL).
  • Junior League Membership - $150 (For WAVJL

Click Here to Purchase Your 2018 Membership

Volleyball WA membership is also required to compete in the Indoor Volleyball WAVL and WAVJL competitions. You can become a Volleyball WA member by clicking here.